5 Benefits of Swedish Massage

5 Benefits of Swedish Massage


Swedish massage therapy is one of the most common options when people think about getting a massage. Whether you are new in getting a massage or not, this option is highly advisable as it offers a lot of health benefits and is not painful. Another reason is that because most spa-goers want a time to relax, making Swedish massage a great choice. This technique consists of rubbing the muscles with relaxing, long strokes aimed to improve the energy flow in the body. What many don’t know is that Swedish massage therapy goes beyond just getting relaxation. It is also beneficial for having better oxygen level in the blood, better circulation and flexibility, easing muscle tension, and decreasing muscle toxins.


Techniques used in Swedish massage

Swedish massage practitioner uses palms and fingers to provide circular pressure on certain parts of the body. It uses firm kneading, bending, stretching, and tapping techniques. When getting this massage, don’t hesitate to communicate with your massage therapist if you want the pressure to be adjusted. For instance, if you feel that the pressure is too hard or deep, you can always ask the therapist for a milder massage. This way, you can make the most of the service.


Known as a lighter and more relaxing massage option, Swedish massage offers a lot of health benefits. The only downside of it is this type of massage is not for everyone. Just like other massages, some may also not like it due to techniques used. It is also not advisable for everyone, especially if you suffer from various health problems such as diarrhea, varicose veins, vomiting, nausea, kidney disease, or high blood pressure. If you are thinking of visiting a Singapore spa to get this massage service, be sure to ask your physician first for your safety.


Once you get a go signal, give Swedish massage a try and enjoy the following health benefits:


Lasting relaxation

Getting a regular massage can bring relaxation, resulting to positivity. If you feel good about yourself, it will always reflect in your actions and even your outlook in life. Although many types of massage provide this benefit, Swedish massage offers the overall relaxation. The massage is designed to address major muscle groups. It also helps reduce muscle tension, improve muscle strength, avoid muscle fatigue, and alleviate stiffness and muscle spasms. It is exceptionally beneficial if you need that pick-me-up to survive a busy work week.


Better immune system

If you often feel sickly or is in a high stress work environment, a Swedish massage is always a good idea. Often exposure in stress can negatively affect your immune system. Come to think of it, no matter how many glasses of water or slices of fruits you take, you still easily get common colds or headache. In case good food is not enough to strengthen your immune system, you might want to consider getting Swedish massage regularly. It can help to better stimulate your body’s resistance to infection. It can also reduce stress levels and improve your ability to concentrate.



Better blood circulation

Swedish massage can do many things to improve your blood circulation. These include increasing the blood’s oxygen level in the blood, clearing up swelling in the limbs, and reducing muscle toxins. Most importantly, once the blood flow is improved, the body functions more effectively.


Improved mental health

Just like yoga, Swedish massage can help improve our overall mental health. It can help people experiencing chronic fatigue, fight stress, relieve anxiety, prevent irritation, and cope with depression. By boosting the serotonin level, it can improve your mood or outlook in life, making you feel a bit happier.


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