What Are the Benefits of Taking a Break?

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Break?


A lot of people spend most of their day sitting in front of desks, working tirelessly from 8 to 5. As you might already know, this is not good for our overall health.

Unfortunately, most of us couldn’t even afford to get enough breaks at work. Taking a break at work can do wonders to your body even its just five or ten minutes long. It’s the least that you can do to ensure your body isn’t overworked.

If you’re wondering how much break you need at work, the answer is 17 minutes every 52 minutes if work. This is according to a study observational study conducted by social scientists. Those 17 minutes should be used away from your computer while by doing exercises, taking exercises, or talking to your coworkers. Another way you can do to relax is get a massage after a busy day or work week. You can visit a 24-hour spa in Singapore if you want to unwind in the middle of the week or during wee hours.

Want to know the benefits of taking a break from your workspace?  Here are some of them:

Boosts creativity

According to studies, taking a break is one of the first steps to improving one’s creativity. A few minutes away from the things that stresses you out refreshes the mind and allows you to become more creative. Moreover, when you are in a rest period, the brain reviews and ingrains what has been previously learned, making it highly advisable for people who are studying or attending a seminar.


Improves ability to concentrate

We are so busy these days that some people have a hard time focusing on one task at hand. They need to be distracted or to multi task by checking emails while waiting for a bus, or worse, checking notifications while conversing. When it comes to concentration, adults are anywhere between 15 to 40 minutes. And with the amount of things we need to focus on in a day, it pays to have time for our attention spa and concentration to be rebooted. You can do this by taking breaks. It is exactly what your brain needs to refresh ideas, relax, and get itself back on track to focusing.


Helps you lose weight

In a study conducted by Center for Disease Control, moving around or taking a walking 5 minutes in every hour can lower your body mass index and help you lose weight. It may not seem like the usual workout you are used to but these body movements help no matter how quick or small it is.


Helps boost memory and improve learning

A lot of studies has proven how breaks and naps can improve a person’s functionality. 10 minute of it can make you feel more alert while 30 minutes helps improve memory and learning ability. These days there are a lot of companies that offer nap rooms. Employees can utilize it to make the most of their breaks and get some sleep. There are also those companies with massage chairs in their break rooms. This is because companies know how breaks can improve a person’s creativity.

If massage chairs are not enough to make you feel relaxed, you can always visit a 24-hour spa in Singapore. These spas can accommodate you anytime you need to unwind, whether its in the middle of the night or early morning. You can go to Grand Spa for a relaxing massage at an affordable rate.

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