Best Spa Treatments for Expecting Moms

Best Spa Treatments for Expecting Moms

A pregnant woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. Some of these changes are already expected but some still catch expecting moms by surprise, causing stress and anxiety. These transformations are more than enough reasons to pamper yourself and make pregnancy a bearable experience.


One quick way to alleviate pregnancy discomforts like back pain or skin changes is by going to a spa. Belly massages, facials, and yoga are just some of the indulgences you can have. If you want to avail these services, Grand Spa has got you covered. They have a wide selection of spa treatments that are safe for expecting moms.


Worried about your and your baby’s safety? Here are the best spa services you can avail:


Hand Massage

Every expecting mom woman deserves a little dose of pampering – even if it means half an hour of a relaxing hand massage. It would instantly alleviate their pain, especially if they are experiencing sciatica, morning sickness, or joint pains. If you are one of these moms, don’t hesitate to visit a spa for a hand massage. It’s a great time to enjoy, relax, and spoil yourself.


Manicure Treatment

Unlike what you’ve heard or read online, manicure treatments are fine throughout the course of pregnancy. Some moms find this activity as relaxing so they’ll be glad to know that they can still do it. The only reason why it may not be advised to some is because your nails can become weak or brittle while you’re pregnant, making it sensitive to manicure treatments. Another reason is that the smell of the nail polish or salon can trigger nausea to pregnant women, especially if they are experiencing morning sickness.


Facial Treatment

Whether your pregnancy is taking a toll on your skin or not, a facial is always a good idea to help to bring out your beauty. A lot of women struggle with acne during this phase as pregnancy hormones increases oil production, leading to clogged pores and oily skin you’re your starting to see signs of acne or you’re already having trouble controlling it, don’t hesitate to get a facial at Grand Spa. Their facials include exfoliation, a relaxing face massage, cleansing mask, and moisturizer that are all safe for you and your baby. For your safety, tell your aesthetician that you are pregnant so they can avoid using products that are not advisable for you like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.


Body Massage

While massage will not promise to make your pregnancy a walk in the park, it will certainly help you forget about your troubles during the treatment. The moment you walk in a spa, the relaxing aroma will already soothe your worries away.

If you are always in your second and third trimester, choose for a side-lying position massage to make you feel comfortable and avoid venous compression. Don’t hesitate to tell your massage therapist if you want to change your lying position if you feel any discomfort. Remember that you are here to relax so you want every minute of your visit to be pleasant.


Foot massage or scrub

Don’t forget to pamper your feet for carrying you and your baby during these tough times. Giving them a massage not only removes dry skin and keeps them soft and supple, but it also gives you a wonderfully relaxing feeling. What’s more is that you can get this service while reading books or watching a series online.


These are just some of the services you can avail at Grand Spa. Again, remember to inform the staff members of your condition, especially if your belly is not yet showing for your and your baby’s safety.




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