Body Parts That Hurt Most Often

Body Parts That Hurt Most Often

Our human bodies are just like machines, they are susceptible to the wear and tear theory. There are still parts of our body that get tired, even if the person is careful or even if physical strength is not essential to his or her job.

Strain, poor body mechanism and poor posture can sometimes cause ache in common body parts, mainly when lifting or conveying heavy objects, not changing your position in a long time, or may even be because of one’s weight. To refrain from getting these aches, the person has to figure out what daily lifestyle practice/s is causing the ache. You can also go to Grand Spa to get a much needed massage.


Upper Back

Our back has one of the most uses in our body thus, it often encounters aches. Trauma, poor posture for a long time, injury or degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis are common causes of upper back pain. People who are mostly on the computer daily complain about this.

Muscular irritation takes place when there is lack or decrease in strength of the body. Vehicular accidents, sport injuries, muscle strains, repetitive motion and other types of injuries cause overuse injuries. On the other hand, joint dysfunction is caused by degenerative diseases and trauma to the joint.

Upper back pain for a person can be just a minor pain or a severe pain and can make it difficult for one to move around or stand up. Nevertheless, these upper back pains can stop with the help of manual treatment, pain medications and rehabilitations if you are considering a long term solution, the treatments include acupuncture, exercises, passive and active therapy, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation and massage therapy.

When there is a specific spot in the upper back that seems to be very soft, the source of which is believed to be an active trigger point. They are found in the skeletal muscles and can stop the muscles from working well and can easily be fixed by massage therapy and acupuncture.


The neck is another body part that experiences strain. Physical strength isn’t essential to numerous occupations these days unlike the old days and to those who live in the rural areas, nevertheless, even if you are just seated and on the computer or just writing on your desk it also causes much strain especially to your neck.

The neck has a vertebrae that connect the skull to the rest of our body, in between it are cervical disks that are believed to absorb shock. Bones, ligaments and muscles are found in the neck. Neck stiffness and pain is caused by trauma in some parts of the neck.

People commonly experience neck pains, most are caused by overuse, sport injury, fall or whiplash and poor posture.

Neck pains are usually treated medically but can also be treated by massage, acupuncture, chiropractic electrical nerve stimulation.

Lower back

The lower back is another body part that aches and is usually caused by slouching, being overweight, lifting heavy objects, smoking and wearing high heels and absence of exercise, these are called lifestyle triggers. Other different causes are degenerative diseases or wear and tear and medical conditions like arthritis.

To relieve lower back pains, lifestyle changes, treatment and rehabilitation are recommended. Both medical and manual resolutions are also helpful to relieve lower back pains. Aside from lifestyle changes that a person needs to do, treatment and rehabilitation are also recommended. Both medical and manual resolutions are helpful to relieve lower back pains. Pain medications are temporary thus most doctors will recommend patients to go through manual therapy such as acupuncture, massage, and others.

Massage therapy or other treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy are effective rehabilitation for body parts that ache and are caused by the everyday demands of life. Repeated aches in some areas can no longer be relieved by medications thus massage is a high recommendation by doctors.

Massages from professional therapists at Grand Spa are advised so as not to get more injury.  Recurrent pains in these areas can no longer be resolved by medications, massage is highly recommended by some doctors. However, it is also advised that you should get a massage from professional therapists so as not to get more injury. The incorrect use of massage in some areas can do more harm than relaxation. Although massage therapy is extremely relaxing but it is also very valuable to a one’s health.


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