How Does Cupping Help In Relieving Stress?

How Does Cupping Help In Relieving Stress?

Many people opt for cupping therapy to deal with some of their health and stress situations. People who are working, studying and even those who just stay at home feel the pressure of living their lives. Many have been competing against time and their workload, may that be at work, at home or in school. Today’s fast paced environment is giving many people stress in different ways and different levels. No matter how they try to have a healthy habits, it’s still not enough. Cupping for stress relief is just one of the services that a Singapore spa can offer to help you out.

There are spas in Singapore that are offering cupping therapy and many of their clients are happy in getting the treatment. They are satisfied with how cupping helps them relax and relieve their stress. Many are taking regular time off their schedule for cupping therapy because they understand the benefits that they can get from this. Are you interested to know more about cupping therapy? Are you thinking of trying it out? Here are some of the things that you need to know about the science behind cupping for stress relief:


What Is Cupping And How Is It Done?

Cupping is a simple procedure but it is needed to be done by a person with skills and knowledge about it since it can still be risky. The inside of the special cups will be heated by a cotton drenched with a flammable substance. The cups are placed on the back of the client. It will be left there for at least 3 minutes until the blood will appear through the surface of the skin.

The other procedure for cupping, called wet cupping, uses the same procedure but the process is done twice. On the second cupping session, a small incision will be done on the skin and as cups are placed at the back, a small amount of blood will be drawn from the incisions that was made. It is believed that this process removes the toxins in the body. An antibacterial ointment and bandage will be applied on the cuts to avoid infection.

Needle cupping is also possible. Instead of an incision, acupuncture needles will be inserted and the cups will be placed.

The Science Behind Cupping For Stress Relief

Stress makes you feel weak and tired. Stress can also be a reason for you to get sick. Different organs of the body is affected when a person get stressed. The more stress the person is under, the higher the chances are to get sick. Stress doesn’t only affect the physical body. It also affect the mind and spirit. As the person gets stressed, the flow of body fluids and energy becomes affected. Stagnation of blood and energy makes the person feel different discomforts.

All these problems can be helped by cupping therapy. The blood that is drawn at the surface of the skin will help remove the toxins in your body and will allow your blood and energy to flow freely. The distribution of blood and energy will be balanced. Your body will get its sufficient supply to make your organs work well. You will get relief from pain that can be a source of your stress as well. As your body improves the circulation of blood and energy, stress will also be relieved. The discomforts will be relieved, making you feel better overall.

Cupping is an effective way of relaxing your body and mind. There are studies that shows people who get regular cupping therapy have a clearer mind that will allow them to think right and make the right decisions. They are not only physically strong but also mentally and emotionally. Stress will make a person feel negative emotions, but with the help of cupping you will be able to relax and remove the negative emotions that may be clouding your judgment. People who are relaxed are a lot happier and healthier.

Do you feel that you are tired physically, mentally and emotionally? Having cupping therapy at a Singapore spa could be the right treatment to help you out. It will help you become healthy and improve your well-being.

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