What to Expect During Your First Couple’s Massage?

What to Expect During Your First Couple’s Massage?


Running out of ways on how to spend some quality time with your loved one? Why not consider a couple’s massage at Grand Spa? This can be a great way to level up from the typical date night with your partner.

You can even do it either at a local spa or in your own home. If you want it to be extra special and hassle free, you can always book a couple’s massage at Grand Spa. To help set your expectations, here’s what happens during this type of massage:

What to expect?

  • During a couple’s massage, you will be in a private room and will be asked to lie down on a side-by-side massage tables. There should be two therapists who will work on each of you at the same time. Couple’s massage is a great way for each of you to learn more about the benefits of a massage therapy. A lot of people are unfamiliar with massage and your partner may be one of them. Thus, they may be reluctant to try it. However, you can convince them if they don’t have to do it alone.


  • As first timers, it will be best to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session so that you can be more familiar with the place or fill out some paperwork. If the spa has a shower room, Jacuzzi, or any other facilities, you can also try them to help set your mood. You can also take the time to ensure that your smartphones are on silent mode so you and other guests wouldn’t be distracted every time a new notification would come in.


  • Before the treatment, the therapist will guide each of you or orient you on what will happen during the procedure. This is the best time to inform your therapist if you have any request such as using an unscented lotion or choosing the scent of your oil. You should also inform your therapist if you have any health problems they need to be aware of.


  • If you or your partner is concerned about undressing in a spa, the therapists will ready leave the room to allow each of you to undress based on your comfort level. For a full-body massage, you can still wear your underwear. There’s no rule on how to do this so be sure to just be comfortable. After getting undressed, your therapists will return to the massage room and start the treatment.


  • The massage table has sheets so you will not be totally naked the entire procedure. The therapist will use the sheets to cover you, and will only unveil parts of the body that the therapist will be working on.


  • The therapist will start the treatment to focus on trouble spots, relax your muscles, and pay special attention to any areas you requested to give focus on. Most of the time they will use products such as lotions, oils, or creams to help make the massage or bodywork more efficiently.


  • Halfway through the session, you will be asked to turn over. Again, there will be a sheet covering your body so you will not have to worry about doing this step. Most massage rooms are quiet but don’t hesitate to inform your therapist if you feel any discomfort or you need the pressure to be adjusted.


  • After the massage, the therapists will again leave the room, giving both of you ample time to get dressed.

Schedule your first couple’s massage at Grand Spa. We have knowledgeable staff and technicians who can help make your massage experience comfortable and hassle free.



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