Get To Know How Foot Reflexology Works

Get To Know How Foot Reflexology Works

Foot reflexology is the applying of pressure on pressure point and areas of the feet that corresponds to different systems and organs of the body. The pressure applied is going to help the corresponding organ by removing pain or swelling. In general, it could help in a person’s overall health. Many people are seeking the help of foot reflexology in Singapore for improving their health and fixing different conditions, like anxiety, depression and stress.

Foot reflexology has been popular in many countries and with different races. There are studies that show that people who go through foot reflexology get sick less often. They also give better performance in their job and they are able to do a lot of things since they don’t get sick often or they don’t get tired easily. Let us look at how foot reflexology works:

Knowing The Foot Reflexology Pressure Points And Areas

The meridian points are also used in foot reflexology. The points on the left foot correspond to the organs, nerves and valves of the left side of the body. The right foot pressure points correspond to the organs, valves, nerves, etc. of the right side of the body. The practitioner will work on the area where it is needed or will work on all the pressure points, giving you a chance to improve your general health.

Knowing The Guiding Principles In Foot Reflexology

When you go to the spa for a foot reflexology service, you have to keep in mind that the practitioner is not the one healing you from your discomforts. Your body is going to do its work and repair itself. Your reflexologist is just a tool that will give you the service.

Each individual has their own independent emotion, mind, body and spirit. Your reflexologist will work on all these aspects. The foot reflexology will be able to help you have an integrated spirit, serene mind and calm emotions.

Healing on all levels will be facilitated as your foot respond to touch. Faster healing process, relaxation and improvement to your whole being starts as the pressure is applied to the meridian points of your feet.

Knowing What Foot Reflexology Does

It releases tension and stress. Tension and stress is a great risk factor that puts your health at risk. The stress and tension could build up and might block your energy from distributing to other parts of the body. This can cause other illness to take place and the healing process becomes slower. With the help of foot reflexology, the energy is channeled to other parts of your body. It removes pain, stress and tension.

It induces relaxation. You will be more relaxed once you are given relief from your pain. Foot reflexology also helps in giving you better blood circulation and toxins can be removed from your body. You will also notice that after continuous visits to the spa for foot reflexology, you get better sleep at night.

Knowing When You Need Foot Reflexology

Whenever you feel like you want to relax, it is always a good time to get foot reflexology. Life at work and at home can be very stressful. Walking, running here and there and other things that make you physically tired, too much thinking and being emotionally drained can be reasons for you to need foot reflexology.

Physical, emotional and mental tiredness can be a reason for you to get foot reflexology since the therapy will help you relax. It will help you in easing the pain that you feel. Tender and sore muscles can get relief from having this therapy. You will be more energetic and get better rest since your stress will be lessened. Your circulation will improve as well, making you feel better.

Foot reflexology works best for people who are looking for relief from pain and stress. The therapy will only last for 45 to 60 minutes but it would feel like you have relaxed yourself for a long time. Getting foot reflexology in Singapore can play a significant role in making you healthy. You will be able to release toxins that are making you feel weak and tired.

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