What is Oriental Harmony Twin Therapy and Its Benefits?

What is Oriental Harmony Twin Therapy and Its Benefits?



Oriental Harmony Twin Therapy or Four Hand Massage Therapy is one of the unique services offered by Grand Spa. This spa therapy involves two therapists that work simultaneously to create a choreographed massage. When you visit Grand Spa, you can even choose a selection of different four hand massage to choose from. These options will be presented to you upon your visit so you can choose the style that fits your needs.


Four hand massage is generally a more expensive service as compared to other massage therapies. This is because you are paying for two therapists to do the therapy. This is also the same reason why only a few spas in Singapore offer this service. If you wish to avail this service, be sure to visit Grand Spa. They offer 24-hour massage in Singapore so you can schedule an appointment regardless of your preferred hours.


What to expect during twin therapy?

Once you’re all set for a four-hand massage, the 2 therapists will mirror each other’s move. One of them will sometimes take the lead while the other therapist follows. In this therapy, Swedish style massage techniques are usually used by combining long and slow strokes to relax the body. If necessary, clients are free to request special four-hand massage, designed to focus on one area of the body like your back, arms, or legs. Don’t hesitate to ask this option to your therapist to get the most of your visit.


What are the benefits of four-hand massage?

Since this massage uses the techniques of Swedish style massage, it offers similar benefits. Here are some of them:


Get rid or lessen occurrence of migraine or headache pain

If you often suffer from headache or migraine pain, don’t hesitate to visit Grand Spa for a four-hand massage. According to the University of Auckland’ researchers, people who experience debilitating headaches said that they had fewer migraines and better sleep after getting a massage therapy for a few weeks.


Reduce pain after strenuous activity

While exercising has a lot of health benefits, we all know that it can also take a toll on our body. Research shows that massage therapy is effective in reducing muscle inflammation caused by exercise. If you want to get rid of any post-workout aches and pains, feel free to visit Grand Spa. They have 24-hour massage in Singapore for your convenience.


Banish premenstrual syndrome symptoms or PMS

Whether it’s mood swings, feeling of bloating, headaches, migraine, or weight gain, regular massage sessions can lessen these premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Women understand how uncomfortable it is to go through this phase on a monthly basis. So if you need help to alleviate any of these discomforts, go to a spa for a relaxing massage.

Counteract hours of sitting

We are all guilty of sitting for hours. Whether the reason behind it is work, binge watching, or meetings, it is not the best way to rest the body. Sitting for hours can cause muscle degeneration, cardiovascular complications, and other health problems. Luckily, a good massage can counteract these negative health effects. If you are not too busy, try and visit a spa after a hard day’s work. This will not only alleviate stress but will also help improve your overall wellbeing.


These health benefits are just some of the reasons why many people use massage to counteract potential health problems. Whether you want to improve your sleeping habits or eliminate muscle inflammation, Grand Spa offers personalized service to help you. Check out their website to learn more about their services today!




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