What Do Pressure Points Mean For You

What Do Pressure Points Mean For You

Some people would refer to pressure points as meridian pressure points. Our body has meridian points and these are connected to different body parts and body organs. Different treatments and therapies in a 24 hour spa in Singapore use pressure points as a basis of their treatment. They follow where the meridian lines flow to address the problems in your health.

Reflexology is a therapy that has been around for many years. Some spas offer reflexology to their clients to help them relax and address the pain they feel in their bodies. Reflexology is a technique used to remove a blockage and have the blood flow freely to different parts and organs of the body. The continuous blood flow gives relief to pain and other health problems. In reflexology, pressure points on hands and feet are used to address the problem.

For acupressure and acupuncture, pressure points all over the body are used for the treatment. Acupressure applies pressure to the back, neck, legs, etc. The aim is mainly the same but it can do different things to your body. The pressure points are also used in inserting needles for acupuncture therapy.

Here are some of the problems that certain pressure points can address:


Sleeping Problems

Sleeping problems can be caused by having issues with your pituitary glands. When you apply pressure at the middle bottom side of your big toes, this can help address the problem. The pressure applied will let the blood flow and improve the performance of your pituitary glands, giving you better sleep at night.

Headache Problems

Tensions that stems from your neck might be the cause of your headaches. Applying pressure on your big toes by massaging it will help you get relief from a headache. You also can apply pressure to the top of your other toes.

Problems With Digestion

Digestive problems can be caused by many different reasons and other organs might be involved. If you are experiencing this problem, your practitioner will work on applying pressure at the bottom of your feet.

Back Pain Problems


Back pain problems can be addressed by applying pressure to different pressure points on your feet and body. Some practitioners work on applying pressure at the back and reflexologists apply pressure at the half bottom of your feet. The nerves connected to your back will be able to let the blood flow freely, giving you relief from your back pain.

Pain And Pleasure From Pressure Points

There are certain pressure points that address your kidneys, spleen, lungs, liver, etc. These pressure points can help relieve pain and inflammation to the organs, making the blood flow freely and improving the performance of these organs. However, applying too much pressure on these points can cause discomfort and pain to you. This is why it is important that when you get a massage therapy, you have to get it from the professionals that work in the spa.

Practitioners at the spa have enough knowledge and skills on where the pressure points are located. They know how much pressure is needed and should be applied. They know what can give you relaxation and what can bring pain and discomfort to you. The meridian pressure points are very helpful in making you feel better. These pressure points are an instrument in helping you release stress and tension. It calms your central nervous system.

Therapies such as shiatsu massage also use pressure points to deliver healing to you. Elbows, thumbs, palms, etc. are used to apply the pressure. There are pressure points that need strong pressure but there are pressure points that should only receive mild pressure.

Pressure points are like a subway. When it gets, congested the trains will not move. It is the same with the blood when the meridian pressure points get congested the flow of blood and energy is affected. It needs constant massage therapies to decongest and maintain the flow of blood and energy. Stress can be a silent killer but with the use of pressure points, you will be able to get relief from stress. Make sure that you visit your 24 hour spa in Singapore regularly for a therapy.

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