Reasons Why You Couldn’t Relax During a Massage

Reasons Why You Couldn’t Relax During a Massage


Relaxation is one of the many reasons why people go to a spa to get a massage. But for some people, they just don’t feel comfortable or relaxed during a massage. No matter how calming the music or the oil is, it just doesn’t help them take away their mind from all the stress they have to deal with on a regular basis.


There may be many reasons why the body doesn’t want to relax or the mind to leave all the stressful thoughts behind. If you want to know the common reasons why this happens, here are some of them:


Daily stress – if you experience stress from work or at home on a daily basis, it can stop you from relishing your massage experience. Problems at home or in the office can give you trouble clearing your mind while you’re on the massage table. Other reasons are if you are thinking about a big event, a big decision you are about to make, deadlines, or new business plans. These important life events make it hard for you to release those stressful thoughts in order to relax and enjoy your massage. If you are too busy and can only relax at night, there are spas that offer 24-hour massage in Singapore. This will help you get the relaxation you need no matter the time of the day.


First-time jitters – in case it’s your first massage to get a massage, it is natural not to be too comfortable or to feel a little nervous. Treading into unfamiliar territory always gives us this feeling. Just remember the first time you had to go to class, first presentation, or first job – these experiences made us feel weary. So try not to be hard on yourself when nervousness arises as this is all normal. Eventually, you will feel comfortable about the new experience.


Feeling of consciousness – one of the many reasons why people are not comfortable going to a spa is because they feel worried that they have to be naked during the therapy. Some worry that other guests or the staff might see their insecurities or their physical flaws. From scars and varicose veins to acne and extra body fat, these can cause some people so much anxiety and stop them from enjoying the whole experience. These body concerns shouldn’t stop you from getting a massage. Know everyone has a flaw and that you are not alone so don’t let these things keep you from getting the benefits of massage.


To help you stop anxiety and get the most of your massage experience, here are some tips to keep in mind:


Breathing exercise – the easiest way to calm yourself if you experience anxiety before a massage is by breathing exercise. Through a simple breathing exercise, you can release stressful thoughts and let the body and mind to relax. There are a lot of videos or articles you will find online that can help you learn how to do this technique. Start this exercise the moment you lay down on the table or before the massage session starts.



Wear comfortable clothing – nobody is requiring you to wear a specific attire in a spa. If body-image concerns you and stops you from relaxing, remember that you are not the first client or body your therapist has seen. Rest assured that the therapist is not judging you or your flaws. Their job is to help you feel calm and have better health and well-being.


Keep your eyes closed – if negative or stressful thoughts are bothering you, close your eyes and practice positive self talk. Condition your mind so it will be easier for you to relax.



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