What are the Risks of Going to a Spa?

What are the Risks of Going to a Spa?


There a lot of spas in Singapore, and their ads are hard to miss. We can’t really blame anyone who would be enticed to indulge in an hour or two of pure relaxation at a spa.


While unwinding for an hour or a few days at a spa might seen like a fantastic way to relax, there are rare occasions when it can result to several risks that are far from calming. The best way to avoid any danger during your spa visit is to verify that you are only receiving services from certified spa with licensed staff.

In case you’re thinking how a relaxing break and innocent diversion such as massage can cause risks for a spa-goer like you, read on for some of the dangers that could happen in a spa.


  1. Rough handling of patients

Good news if this has never happened to you, but there are technicians who roughly handles treatments. For instance, you might feel that the pressure of the massage is too hard or that the technician carelessly moves around the massage room. Both scenarios can prevent you from totally enjoying your spa visit. Remember that your goal is to relax, and not to feel like a punching bag. To avoid feeling worse when you leave the spa, immediately ask the massage therapist to adjust the pressure. If the pressure doesn’t change, don’t hesitate to leave the massage table. And while you might not have the intention to sleep during the massage, a therapist who is too chatty or moves recklessly can be distracting. That’s why it’s important to find a professional technician.


  1. Offering too many products or services

Another problem you might encounter during a spa visit is pushy staff members or technicians who keep offering different products or services. This may make you feel pressured to shell out cash to avail another service or to buy various products after your treatment. Do a little online research and read about a spa’s reviews to so you won’t find yourself stressed-out after seeing your bill.


  1. Allergic reaction on skin products

Whether you choose lotion, oil, or powder, these products can all help improve your spa experience. However, some clients have sensitive skin and they experience allergies with these products. This results to problems during or after the treatment. So on your next spa visit, let the spa practitioners if there are any skin issues or allergies you have. This includes any outstanding health problems like chest pain or rashes. The staff will surely find a work around the problem, if you inform them in advance. Maybe they have hypoallergenic powder or unscented lotion for your convenience.


  1. Food allergies

There are spas offering food or drinks before or after a treatment. Before you indulge into these delicious treats, you might want to be wary of any food allergies you have. Some treatment also use food on treatment such as massages that use chocolates or facials with caviar or sweet almond. It pays to inform your technician or ask them what’s included in the treatment. This way, their staff can advise you if there’s an alternative product they can use, or perhaps do a skin test first.


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