Spa 101: What You Need to Know About Spa Nudity

Spa 101: What You Need to Know About Spa Nudity


There are many reasons why people don’t like going to the spa. And one of the most popular excuses is nudity. This is especially true for first time spa goers.

We cannot really blame them as the thought of having to be naked while a stranger is giving you a Singapore massage can really cause confusion and uneasiness.


Here are other concerns people have about going to the spa:

The biggest concern is whether the l therapist will have to see your body naked while giving you a massage. Truth be told most the answer is no since spas provide draping.

Draping means that your body will be covered with a sheet or a towel during the treatment. Only focus areas of your body being worked on will be exposed.

Another popular excuse is that they worry that their body will be judged. Thus, female spa goers prefer female therapists. This is totally fine, however, remember that massage therapists are professionals. They are used to dealing with various types of bodies. Plus, their focus is mainly on the treatment that they offer, and making your visit as comfortable as possible.

On the other hand, some customers prefer getting a massage while being totally naked. While you might find this comfortable, many therapists aren’t. Removing the sheets or towels is usually considered a bad behavior.


What happens in a treatment or massage room?

After entering the room, your therapist will brief you on the service you availed. This is also the best time to ask any questions you have about the service. After this, he or she will leave the room, giving you enough time to change. As mentioned, you are nude during the treatment, but will always be covered with sheets.


Is it okay to wear underwear during a treatment?

It is okay to wear underwear if you’re really uncomfortable with total nudity. However this also means that the therapist can’t work on the large muscles on your gluteus and hip attachment. These are often problem areas of most patients. But you will not be forced to do something you’re comfortable with.


Are there spa treatments that does not require nudity?

Yes, there are spa treatments that does not require nudity. For example, if this is your first time and you just want to see the look and feel of a Singapore massage, you can always just get a facial. Facials will not require you to bare it all – just your face, neck, and shoulders. Some spas may require you to remove your top or wear a robe for you to be more comfortable during the treatment.


Once you become more used to going to a spa, you will also be comfortable with the fact that you really need to bare some skin if you want your treatment to be thorough. This also helps the technician to ensure that you get the services you have paid for. However, you still need to know your limits. No matter how comfortable you are in your own skin, spas doesn’t really encourage guests to be totally naked, thus the use of sheets and robes.


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