What Are The Top Benefits You Can Get From Gua Sha Detox

What Are The Top Benefits You Can Get From Gua Sha Detox

Gua sha has proven its benefits in the field of medical science. Many people opt for gua sha treatment because they knew it really works well in making their health better. Though the treatment doesn’t look so inviting to people who hasn’t tried it yet, it still gathers curiosity from people because of the popularity of the benefits it can give you. Gua sha has a very simple setting and procedure. Your favorite spa in Singapore should be able to offer gua sha to their clients because it is one of the best services they could provide.

Detoxification is one of the main concerns of many people these days because of the environment. Both men and women need detox to keep themselves healthy and invigorated. Gua sha is very good in the detoxification process. Gua sha helps open your pores to make it breath freely. Here are the 5 benefits of gua sha detox:


It Cleanses Your Skin From Deep Within

Our skin has 7 layers of epidermis and dermis. There are a lot of dirt, bacteria, petrochemicals, yeast, fungi and many more that can penetrate into these layers of the skin. Washing and cleansing is not very helpful in eliminating them completely. After washing, there can still be some of it left on the skin that cause different skin problems. With gua sha, it helps remove all of the toxins that is present in the skin. It cleans the skin better than soap and water can. When your skin is free from all the bad elements, you wouldn’t have to worry about having pimples and other skin irritations.

It Makes Your Skin Soft And Looking Young

Petrochemicals, bacteria and many other factors make your skin look dry and old. If they are not removed properly, your skin will look dull and it creates a heavy feeling. Detoxification is very important to make your skin breath freely. When your skin can breathe freely, it will make your skin look young and soft. The bacteria and all other elements that makes your skin thick and dirty will be removed by gua sha. May people all over the world have tried gua sha and they love because it shows a significant change in their skin condition.

It Allows You To Be Exposed To The Sun Without Burning

Gua sha removes your dead skin cells and replaces it with new ones. After a gua sha treatment, you can expose yourself to the sun for long hours without burning. If it’s your first time, it would be nice to get minimum exposure under the sun and increasing it gradually each day, observing how your skin takes it. Each person has different skin types and their sensitivity to the sun is different. Though gua sha helps you in protecting your skin from burning, you still need to be careful.

Gua Sha Process Is A Very Simple

It is easy to go through gua sha detox since the process is very simple. You will just need to wet your body, then using a loofa, you can apply your gua sha putty and firmly spread it through your body and face. It is almost the same with body scrubbing. Give yourself a good scrub then rinse it again. After the process, it would be good to moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil. This will leave your skin soft, moisturized and nourished.

Gua Sha Detox Can Be Beneficial Even To Your Body Organs

Detoxification of your skin is also helping your other organs. Preventing bad elements to enter your skin is going to save your organs from accumulating them, like your liver, for example. Most of the time, your liver suffers from your toxicity. It gathers the toxins that in the first place you should already have eliminated. You will also help your organs become healthy by using gua sha to detoxify.

If you haven’t tries gua sha detox then it’s high time to try it. Make your skin healthy inside and out. Remove the elements that are ruining your glow. Experience the feeling of having a healthy, young looking, smooth and clean skin. Tanning will not be a problem to you anymore if you go through gua sha detox. You can have the tan you like without burning your skin. Visit your spa in Singapore and ask about their gua sha services.

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