Top Benefits of Getting Foot Reflexology

Top Benefits of Getting Foot Reflexology


From morning jogs to late night walks, our feet carry us all day. They even endure those times when you have to wear uncomfortable shoes just to complete your outfit.


If you feel like its time to reward your feet for enduring all these stress, a healing massage such as foot reflexology is one way to do it. Not only will it soothe any aching parts of your feet but will also benefit your entire body.


What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is the method of applying pressure to the feet to create a physical change in the body. By placing pressure on a certain zones and reflex points that correspond to different parts of the body, you can unblock that specific channel and restore health and improve organ function. There are about 15,000 nerves in our feet, one of many reasons why this treatment is so effective in calming and soothing our body.


Foot reflexology has been used for many years and it has a lot of health benefits. Here are some of the them:


Better Sleep

If you are having sleeping problems like insomnia, foot reflexology might just be the best solution for you. The benefits of having it just before going to bed can relax you, resulting to better sleep. It can also improve blood circulation and calm your nerves. Visit a spa near your place and get a simple foot reflexology routine, and it will help you or a loved one drift off and sleep naturally.


Improve Blood Circulation

As mentioned, uncomfortable footwear can hamper the normal blood circulation in our feet. This treatment’s gentle stroking of the feet and the pressure application can improve blood flow to your vital organs. Plus, it will only take about 10 minutes to complete a regular foot reflexology. This means that you can easily do it every twice or thrice a week.



After a busy day, its always nice to relax by having a soothing and relaxing foot massage. This is especially true if your work requires you to wear heels, or you need stand or walk around for long hours. In addition, the massage can give you energy and release blockages that cause stress and fatigue.


Fights Depression

In addition to reducing stress and fatigue, foot reflexology can also help fight depression. In a study by the Journal of Clinical Nursing, they discovered that getting hand or foot massages after experiencing a depressing situation such as death in the family, can help a person deal with the grieving period.


Relieves Pain

Foot reflexology can help treat various types of body aches and pain. So whether you have a migraine, back pain, or neck pain, you can get this treatment to alleviate such problems. Moreover, this treatment is best in lessening the stiffness of your feet, especially if it has been stressed due to a recent injury or hours of walking or standing. The massage helps relax and stimulate the muscles around the feet. It can also alleviate the pain in your ankles or heels.


If you are at home and you need immediate relief from pain in your feet, you can massage it using warm olive or coconut oil. The oil will give a soothing sensation and relief from the pain and foot inflammation.


In case you want a professional technician to provide you with quality foot reflexology, don’t hesitate to visit Grand Spa. They have a wide selection of treatment options to help improve your wellness. Visit their website for any inquiries you may have or to learn more about their services.

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