What to Wear During Spa Treatments?

What to Wear During Spa Treatments?



First-time spa goers are usually puzzled with what they have to wear while at spa. Not to mention what’s the appropriate outfit when they need to get a specific treatment or go to a spa’s sauna, pool, Jacuzzi, etc.

While there are no strict rules on what you should wear when in a spa, there are outfit guidelines that will make your visit more comfortable and hassle free. To guide you on what you need to wear, below is a list of services offered in a spa in Singapore and the appropriate attire when getting them.


Body treatments

If this is not your first body treatment, you would know that you really wouldn’t want anything between you and your body when getting a wrap or salt scrub. This is because your clothes will only get in the way once they start to slather products from your head to toe. Some spas only advice the use of disposable underwear during this treatment to ensure every part of your body gets the scrub or wrap ingredients it needs.


Swedish and Deep Tissue

During this treatment, some spas will let you keep your underwear while some will encourage you to drop everything. But rest easy that your therapist will drape you in towel or sheets so you will never feel exposed. It will also help you feel warm during the entire massage treatment. Plus, this will help you ensure that every part of your body that needs to be massage will be covered, including your glutes, low back, and around the hip area. Not wearing undies makes it a lot easier for them to reach and work on these areas.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is advisable for anyone who is really uncomfortable with spa nudity. If you avail this treatment, you will be offered with loose-fitting, clean, and comfortable clothes to wear During this treatment, expect to be stretched, pulled, and rocked at the hands by your Thai massage therapist. Keep in mind that this massage is totally different from the typical massages you hear about. It can be painful and uncomfortable for some so if you find deep tissue massage painful, then this might not be the best option for you.



When you’re going to a spa to get a facial, dressing for comfort is highly advisable. Depending on the spa in Singapore you chose, you can either wear your own clothes or a robe. During facials, you are not required to be naked or disrobe since only your face, neck and shoulders will be treated. Most facials cover the neck and shoulder area, so women may be asked to remove their bra or pull down the straps during the treatment.


Using the communal areas

Wondering what to wear when in a spa’s sauna, Jacuzzi, or bathing room? If you are in a single gender area, you can always wear whatever it is that makes you most comfortable. The best option is a swimwear. However, remember that spas cater those who want to relax so don’t be surprised if you see some clients who are just wearing robes or who are totally naked.


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